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The Neck

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Front, Side, and Back of Neck Stretch
A very effective stretch for the neck which stretches multiple muscles along the neck.
(1) Place one hand on your head and the other hand behind your back.
(2) Your hand on your back remains stable while you pull and stretch with the hand on your head.

Different Positions: once you feel the stretch has been effective then change the place of the hand on your head (either towards the face or the back of the head) and stretch again in another direction. You can effectively do this stretch with your hand in 5-10 different positions.
The hand behind the back: this ensures that your shoulder does not get pulled up with the stretch. As an alternative you can hold a weight in your hand or you can also hold onto the bottom of a chair if seated.

Floor Flexion Stretch (Back of the neck)
Lie on the floor, bring your knees up and hold them with your hands. Gently pull your knees close to your chest (you should feel a stretch through your upper and lower back). You can gently lift your neck to increase the stretch.