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Foam Roller/Rolled Up Towel Upper Back Stretch
This is a simple and relaxing exercise that effectively stretches the upper back but also influences the chest, neck, shoulders and lower back. Simply place the roller (or rolled up towel) along your spine and balance with your knees up (feet slightly apart) and your arms stretched outwards. Make fine adjustments with your legs, back, neck, and arms until you find a comfortable position and simply keep this position for 3-10 minutes or as long as comfortable. This can also be effective with roller/towel in a horizontal position.

Side-Bending Neck Stretch
A very effective stretch for the neck which stretches multiple muscles along the front, side and back of the neck.
(1) Place one hand on your head and the other hand behind your back.
(2) Your hand on your back remains stable while you pull and stretch with the hand on your head.
(3) Once you feel the stretch has been effective then change the place of the hand on your head (either towards the face or the back of the head) and stretch again in another direction. You can effectively do this stretch with your hand in 5-10 different positions.

Floor Flexion Stretch
Lie on the floor, bring your knees up and hold them with your hands. Gently pull your knees close to your chest (you should feel a stretch through your upper annd lower back). You can gently lift your neck to increase the stretch.

Floor Back Arch Stretch
Place your hands and knees on the floor as shown and gently arch your back up and then back down again.

Floor Knees Up Flexion/Extension Stretch
Bring your knees up under you and point your toes. Bend your head down and streatch your arms out in front of you.

Floor Extension Stretch
Lie down on your front and gently lift your upper body up and extend through your back and neck.  Hold this position and then slowly come back down.

Fit Ball Stretch
Gently lie on the ball with both feet firmly planted on the floor and then lean backwards.


Pull Downs (Gym Equipment)
This exercised should initially be performed in the gym with supervision from a gym instructor for correct posture and technique prior to attempting it at home. Ensure your back is straight, knees at 90 degrees, and your feet are placed on floor.

(1) Begin from a standing position with the weight of the bar braced across the base of the neck
(2) Start the exercise by moving the hips back and bending the knees and hips to lower the body then return to the upright position.
The knee should be in line with the mid line of the toes (the toes should be pointed slightly outwards from the center). Keep your head in an upright position.
Note: Start with shallow (squat 1/2 to 3/4 way down) and work down to deeper/full squats.