Osteopathy and Self Management of The Chest & Breathing


Chest/Front of shoulder Stretch (Pectoral Stretch)

(1) Find a doorway (or alternatively a corner of a room) and place both arms on the side. Gently lean forward with your chest while keeping your head upright. You should feel a stretch at the front of your chest and shoulders.
(2) An alternative is to target one side as shown: grasping a doorway (or similar) and gently twist your upper body away so you feel a stretch through the front of your shoulder and chest.
(3) Target one side by bringing your arm/elbow up behind a door and lean forward.


Rotator Cuff Stretch - Upper Chest
Find a towel or something similar. Rotate one hand up and above your head and leave the towel hanging down to rotate the other hand behind your back and grip the towel. Gently stretch by pulling the towel upwards and then downwards.